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I Was Sore After a Roller Coaster Ride

I Was Sore After a Roller Coaster Ride

I went to visit my sister and her family in Orlando, so naturally we went to the Magic Kingdom. I had never been there, and I loved that it was not during their peak times because I was able to ride a lot of rides. I saved the roller coaster for last because I wanted my anticipation to build up, and it did. The ride was fantastic, but I admit to feeling a bit beat up after it was over. When I came back home, one of the first things I did was see my chiropractor in Concord.

The day of the roller coaster ride, I was just fine other than feeling a bit whooped. Read the rest of this entry

I Had to Get See a Chiropractor After My Last Vacation

I Had to Get See a Chiropractor After My Last Vacation

I went on a ski trip, and on the 2nd morning there, I woke up and could barely move. It was frustrating because I had been looking forward to the trip for so many months. When I got back home again, I went to a Sacramento chiropractor as soon as possible. I was able to push to get through the rest of my vacation, but after it was all over, I was worn out and in a lot of pain. Apparently, skiing is much harder on your body that I thought it would be.

I’ve always wanted to learn to ski, but I do not live in a city with a lot of snow and amazing ski resorts. So, I began looking around for resorts that are close to me in my state. When I narrowed down the area that I wanted to go to, I began researching all the costs. I spent a lot of time putting that trip together for my wife and me. We even stayed in quaint, mountain cabin with a fireplace and a jacuzzi out on the back deck. I spent months looking forward to the trip, and so did my wife.

As soon as I took my first ski lesson, I knew that I was in over my head. I’m in my 40s, and I’m not in the best shape. If I knew how tough it was, I would have worked out in the months leading up to my trip. My back was giving me a lot of grief when we got back home again. The chiropractor helped to make that stop. I will not be giving up on skiing, My wife and I both really enjoyed it, and we plan to go back again next year. This time, I have learned from my mistake and I have already started working out so that I will not have the same back pain trouble during our next trip.

An Athlete in the Making

An Athlete in the Making

While watching the Winter Olympics, I saw that there was a snowboarding event where riders would do tricks in a half pipe. After seeing the event, I wanted to try it for myself, so I went to an indoor snowboarding facility to practice. I did one trick where I went really high into the air and spun around three times, but when I came back down, I landed incorrectly and hit my back. I was in a lot of pain and had to go to one of the San Francisco chiropractors for medical treatment.

Apparently there had been a lot of other people who had been admitted to the chiropractor since watching the Olympics. The chiropractor told me that lots of people imitate what they see on television, thinking they can instantly become the next great athlete. I didn’t feel so bad about my injury, since I knew that I wasn’t the only one. Read the rest of this entry

I Needed Fast Help So That I Could Get to My Appointment

I Needed Fast Help So That I Could Get to My Appointment

I travel a lot, and there are certain large cities where I become a little nervous when I need to drive. One of these cities is Phoenix. It’s a large, metropolitan city with many roads and freeways. A careless driver hit me when I was driving to an appointment, so I needed a Phoenix chiropractor right away. I work for a company where taking time off is highly frowned upon, and it would have looked really bad if I told the client that I could not meet up with him. I did, however, call him to tell him about my accident, and I rescheduled for later that day.

Right after I was in the vehicle accident, I sat inside my rental car to wait for the police officers, who were on their way. My back felt pretty tender, and I was worried about that. I was very appreciative that the police officers showed up quickly. I also called the rental car company, and they showed up rather quickly, too. They also took care of calling a tow truck to come pick up the car that I had been driving in that was hit. It’s nice when things work well after you have been stressed out by something else.

As soon as I got a new vehicle to drive, I headed to the chiropractor’s office. I had been to Phoenix many times, so I knew exactly where to go. I was really glad that they were willing to see me right away instead of making me wait for an appointment. I told them that I was traveling and that I also had an appointment that I needed to get to. They were happy to see me within minutes of me walking in the door. I met with the chiropractor, who worked his magic on me, and I was back out the door within only 30 minutes and on the way to see the client with no trouble.

Sports Watch Features That You Really Want

Sports Watch Features That You Really Want

There are tons of great watches around, many of them have lots of features, so it is just a matter to pick up the main 1 or 2 features and make your search in according to these. If you don’t make a clear choice, you may get lost in the endless offers. Whatever features you get on top of the main ones will just be a bonus.

For an easy orientation I made a quick list of the main sports watch features.

Resistance to Water

The water resistance is, I would say, the most important feature of any sports watch. No matter what sport you are dedicated to, you will still need a water proof watch. Even just rain could cause serious damage. Just choose a suitable level of water resistance in according to what you do. The water resistance choice is huge and goes from about 10 meters up to 500 meters suitable for diving. These are often also resistant against salt.


Everyone who goes hiking or tracking to remote places should seriously consider a watch with GPS. GPS will facilitate you getting on the right path. But if you feel that GPS is too much of a luxury for you then definitely get a watch with at least a built-in digital compass.

Weather Features

Handy features that are related to the weather are mainly sunrise and sunset data, thermometer, barometer, altimeter or a altitude memory. These features will make your trips under extreme conditions or when hiking in the mountains even more exciting.

G Shock

G shock watches are very popular these days and no wonder. G shock watches are super resistant to all kind of knocks and shocks and makes the watch super durable.

Features Perfect For Running

Running is a very special sport when it comes to watch features. For running you will need mainly heart rate monitor and a good quality stopwatch and timer.

Watch Band

The choice of watch band will likely affect how you feeling about your new sports watch. It probably is wiser to first make your choice based on features and then get the ideal band later. A permeable watch band would be my choice, as I don’t like a sweaty wrist. A good material for sports bands is titanium – super solid, very durable and very light.

Brand Name

When choosing a sports watch you don’t want to overlook the brand name. It might seem cliche but still – the brand can be an assurance of high quality and durability. At the top of the range of sports watches there are brands like Casio, Timex, Invicta and Garmin.